VC Poly Woven 8oz

Solvent/Eco Solvent, Latex & UV Printable Fabric

A rugged 100% polyester base fabric with our printable polymer coating creates a uniform, canvas-like surface. This can be used indoors or outdoors.

Physical Properties: 

  • Weight:                    8oz / sq.yd.
  • Material:                 100% Woven Polyester
  • Weave:                     Plain
  • Thickness:              14 mil
  • Printable Sides:  Coated side is compatible for printing
  • 100% Polyester Base
  • Printable polymer coating
  • Uniform surface
  • Canvas-Like


  • Window Displays
  • Banner Stands 
  • Theatrical Displays 
  • Indoor Banners
  • P.O.P. Retail Signage
  • Home / Office Décor
  • Concerts, Festivals, Arenas
  • Temporary Outdoor Banners 
  • P.O.S. Soft Retail Signage 
Item Number Width Weight (lbs) Roll Dia.
54" X 50yd
61" x 50yd

Standard roll length is 50 yds. but roll lengths may vary due to variability in piece lengths of fabric. Product is ordered and sold by the yard. Printer profiles for this product are available on HP’s media locator webpage or access them on Aurora’s website at For optimal print performance use with HP series printers which have “color optimization” technology. Printer compatibility can and does vary. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine compatibility. Sample rolls are available for such a purpose.


Finishing Tips:
Banner tape may be used to finish, but may alter the look or feel of the finished graphic. These fabric banner products may also be sewn and/or grommeted, but care should be taken to avoid scratching the imaged graphic. Though not prone to fraying, a fabric hot knife can also be used to trim the edges. Be sure to let graphics fully cure before finishing. Liquid laminates can be used, but should be pre-tested as certain types can yellow and/or crack over time.

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