Fabric Preparation

At the core of Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. is fabric preparation. Fabric preparation has been a specialty of ours for over 130 years. Our fabric preparation capabilities are competitive, and it’s that core strength that allows us to be so successful with our downstream textile coating, textile finishing and textile dyeing applications.

At Aurora, we believe that good products come as a result of good fabric preparation.

Our fabric preparation capabilities include:

Open-width bleaching

Open-width bleaching allows us to whiten the textile and remove impurities that are not suitable for textile finishing and coating needs.

  • Textile bleaching capabilities of widths up to 132”

Singeing capability

Singeing removes cotton ends that are protruding from the surface producing a smoother surface for coating, finishing and dyeing.


Scouring fabrics is the process by which natural oils (oil, wax, gum, etc.) as well as  impurities added during fabric manufacturing are removed prior to textile coating, finishing and dyeing.


Textile de-Sizing is the process of removing the size material from the  yarns after the textile fabric is woven.


Heat-Setting gives our fabrics dimensional stability.  It provides shrink resistance and shape retention.

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