Power Transmission Belting

Our State-of-the-art technology allows for us to provide the perfect textiles for your needs. We offer woven fabrics that are used in the construction of power transmission belts.


Physical Features:

Part of ensuring the best end use application is creating a good base. Aurora uses angle induced technologies to give our engineered fabric construction, strength and flexibility within the belt.

We also use customized Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex (RFL) finishes to enhance the adherence of the cloth to the rubber in the belt.


This fabric is used in the construction of power transmission belts primarily used in the heavy machinery markets. 


  • Color 
  • Length 
  • Width
  • Available with “tacky” rubber coating
  • Available with RFL coating

Standard roll length is 1100 yds., however, roll lengths may vary due to variability in piece lengths of fabric. Custom roll sizes are available. If you have any questions regarding technical textiles for belting applications, or any other pressure-sensitive tape backing, please click here to see the contact for your area. 

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