Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. has long been applying specialty finishes to our textiles. These finishes allow fabrics to have superior performance in their end use application.

Devoted to meeting our customers’ needs, Aurora Specialty Textiles offers a multitude of different water based finishes.

Aurora’s textile water based finishes include:

  • Fire retardants
  • Prepare for print
  • Water-repellent finishes
  • Wrinkle-free finishes
  • Crease-resistant finishes
  • Non-wicking agents
  • Release coat agents
  • Soil and stain resistant finishes
  • Anti-microbial finishes
  • Anti-static finishes
  • Full range of starches

Textile finishing application methodologies include:

  • Pad/bath
  • Dip/Nip

How Aurora achieves quality textile finishing:

  • Overfeeding for finishing in a “relaxed” manner
  • Convertible pin/clip tenter frames that allow for finishing woven, knits and non-woven textiles
  • Multiple-oven configurations allowing for drying, curing, and/or heat setting

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