Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. is the leading dyer, coater and finisher of fabric substrates used as the base for a wide array of pressure-sensitive tape products including:

PVC Coated Gaffers’ Tape

  • “Cadillac” of pressure sensitive tapes
  • For motion picture, audio/visual, television, and theatrical applications to bundle wires, color code, tape down lighting and props, and solve light leak issues
  • Professional photography
  • Masking silk-screen frames
  • Protection and book binding
  • HVAC line set tape
  • Available in a variety of colors

Athletic/Trainers’ Tape

  • Bleached 100% cotton product prepared with special water resistant chemistry
  • Prevention and treatment of athletic injuries; provides additional support, stability, and compression for an affected body part
  • Used to wrap players in all sports (baseball, American football, football, softball, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, etc.)

Medical Tape

  • Full range of products
  • Bleached 100% cotton substrates
  • Stretchable bandage fabrics for wound care applications
  • Secure tubing
  • Positioning body parts
  • Immobilizing fingers and toes

Automotive Tape

  • 100% cotton substrate specially designed to meet the stringent fire retardancy guidelines of the automotive industry

Hockey Tape

  • Applications:
    • Tape hockey stick blades for better puck control
    • Wrap handle of hockey sticks and baseball bats to improve grip
  • Features:
    • Polyester-cotton blend for high abrasion resistance
    • Tears by hand
    • Range of colors and prints
  • Poly/Cotton blended fabric offering the strength and wear resistance required in this very difficult end-use application

Printable Tape

  •  Applications:
    • Pressure sensitive label applications
  • Features:
    • Coated and calendered for ultra smooth surface
    • Fine weave cloth for smooth surface
    • Light weight
    • Bright white (also available in colors)
  • 100% cotton fabrics, PVC coated and calendered ultra smooth for pressure sensitive label applications
  • Print receptive surface