Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. has a long history of applying specialty finishes to fabrics.

Finishing Application Methodologies

  • Pad/Bath
  • Dip/Nip
  • Spray
  • Overfeeding for finishing in a “relaxed” manner
  • Convertible pin/clip tenter frames that allow for finishing both woven and non-woven fabrics in almost any weight class
  • Multiple-oven configurations allowing for a variety of heat settings

Topical Finishes

  • Flame retardants (non-durable), including compounds that will meet new California and CPSC regulations for the mattress and bedding industry
  • Prepare for print
  • Water-repellent finishes
  • Wrinkle-free finishes
  • Crease-resistant finishes
  • Non-wicking agents
  • Release coat agents
  • Soil and stain resistant agents
  • Anti-microbial finishes
  • Anti-static finishes
  • Full range of starches