Expressions Matte Canvas
Solvent/Eco Solvent, Latex, UV

A high quality poly-cotton canvas matte coated with our “Expressions Coating” optimized for printability on today’s latex, solvent/eco-solvent & uv printers. 21 mils thick and 10 osy.

Physical Properties

Printable Sides:
10oz / sq.yd.
65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
21 mil
Coated side is compatible for printing


  • True Artist Canvas
  • Provides excellent ink coverage
  • Excellent Archival Properties

Wall Coverings
P.O.P. Displays
Wall Murals
P.O.S. Retail Signage
Photo / Art Reproduction
Home/Office Décor

Finishing Tips:
Care should be taken in stretching and mounting imaged canvas graphics. Canvas is a natural product that may shrink or expand with environment. Liquid laminates can be used, but should be pre-tested as certain types can yellow and/or crack over time. Canvas graphics can also be used as wall graphics or murals when properly applied using professional grade pastes to appropriately prepared walls.


Expressions Matte Canvas

Item Number Width Weight lbs Roll Dia.
FAURO-EXPRMATTE5450 54″ x 50yd 57 7.5″
FAURO-EXPRMATTE6050 60″ x 50yd 62 7.5″
FAURO-EXPRMATTE12250 122″ x 50yd 123 7.5″


Spec Sheet PDF
GHS Safety Data Sheet/MSDS PDF

HP Latex 3×0 Series Printer Profile

Mimaki JV150 4 Color (CMYK) w/LUS170 Inks ICC Profile
Mimaki JV150 4 Color (CMYK) w/LUS175 Inks ICC Profile
Mimaki JV300 6 Color (CMYKLcLm) w/LUS170 Inks ICC Profile
Mimaki JV300 6 Color (CMYKLcLm) w/LUS175 Inks ICC Profile
Mimaki JV300 4 Color (CMYK) w/LUS170 Inks ICC Profile
Mimaki JV300 4 Color (CMYK) w/LUS175 Inks ICC Profile

Standard roll length is 50 yds. but roll lengths may vary due to variability in piece lengths of fabric. Product is ordered and sold by the yard. Printer profiles for this product are available on HP’s media locator webpage or access them on Aurora’s website at www.auroratextile.com. For optimal print performance use with HP series printers which have “color optimization” technology. Printer compatibility can and does vary. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine compatibility. Sample rolls are available for such a purpose.